In a world that’s a bit chilly and mundane, we have become increasingly aware of the value of a designer product made entirely by hand using sustainable and environmentally friendly methods.



We believe in people.

This is why we abide by Fair Trade guidelines and have agreements with NGO’s and co-ops that ensure that the more than 120 weavers of twelve Northern Argentine provinces that are part of our team receive fair payment, and see to the compliance of child labor prohibition laws. Also, we are constantly committed to selling at the lowest price possible to ensure product rotation and labor continuity for the craftsmen.

Since late 2013 we’ve formed an alliance and a cultural and commercial partnership with the NGO Sumampa/Adobe Association, who -for fifteen years- has done an exceptional job of developing textile art recovery and social work in the province of Santiago del Estero.



We care about the planet.

In order to produce eco-friendly rugs, we use only the purist and most natural sheep’s wool, cotton, and llama or alpaca hair, with no added polypropylene or synthetic fabrics. The selection of premium raw materials from each of our weavers’ area is also of crucial importance to us, since it allows us to reduce our carbon footprint by avoiding unnecessary transportation. We are engaged in every step of the rug production process, from the wool collection to the end of the rug’s life-cycle, to ensure minimal environmental impact.

The choice of eco-friendly material such as pure wool brings tranquility, harmony and relaxation to a space, as it absorbs noises, isolates us thermally from both the cold and the heat and improves not only our quality of life but also that of the planet.