B™ Corporations are for-profi­t companies that meet the highest standards with regard to social and environmental performance, transparency and corporate responsibility, and harness the power of business to develop a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

In order to become a B Corporation, Elementos Argentinos underwent a very thorough and rigorous assessment that considers the company’s positive impact on different areas: workforce, management, environment, community, customers, as well as business model.

B Corporations in Latin America and around the globe are demonstrating that they can do business differently, achieving a triple positive impact: economic, social and environmental.

We are part of a worldwide movement of companies and individuals wanting to build a new economy that strives for the well-being of people, societies and nature by utilizing market forces to solve social and environmental issues.

Who grants B™ Certi­cation? B Lab® ­is a nonprofit organization based in the US that aims to advance a global movement of individuals ­who use business to create a positive impact on the world. Its initiatives include B Corporation Certification, B Impact Management program administration and support for governance structures like benefit and collective interest companies. B Lab’s vision is to promote an inclusive and sustainable economy capable of creating prosperity for all.