Elementos Argentinos rugs and textiles are hand-loomed by more than 135 weavers and craftsmen from 12 provinces from the Northwest of Argentina, that work in an environment of social responsibility and fair trade. Warmth, harmony, acoustic and thermal insulation, tranquility, color, texture. A pure wool rug adds much more to your space than its beauty. Let us tell you the secret that make our products unique pieces of design.



The key ingredient in our products.

We use pure wool. Nothing compares to the visual exquisiteness, delicacy and softness of a pure wool rug. Elementos Argentinos has recruited experts who have researched the exact torsion level needed for each strand in order to keep the material’s balance between strength, resistance and soft texture, while avoiding the formation of neps (fiber knots), sprouts and shedding, so frequent in handcrafted textiles. Thanks to this material we create firm, durable, sophisticated and easy-to-clean rugs that are also eco-friendly and fireproof.



Colors that make it unique.

Once spun, the wool is dyed by hand with mineral dyes and in some cases natural pigments from native plants such as the creosote bush, the white carob tree or the jume plant. We work with dyes that have UV filters and we also add dyeing fixers to the process to prevent loss of color over time or due to repeated exposure to light.



Final stage.

It is only once the customer has chosen the unique design, texture and size of their rug that we are able to select the appropriate loom for that piece and the process of weaving can begin. Regardless of whether it is a grand rug for a hotel or a small bedside one, the end result will always be a strong, durable, long-lasting piece that is irresistibly cozy, stylish, and elegant as well.