AR$ 25.060,00

Product: Handwoven Rug.

Material: 100% pure and natural sheep wool, spun on a distaff.

Colors: Petroleum Blue, Acquamarine, Teal and Natural White.

Size: 5 x 7 feet.

FREE SHIPPING to the Americas and Europe for this item.

Loom technique: Weft-faced, flat-woven weave.

Delivery Times: 4 to 5 weeks.

Additional Information

The Look: Harmonious colors, sophisticated and elegant, urban and contemporary.

The Feel: Soft, durable, and dense, beckoning you to go barefoot, get up close, and feel the texture against your skin.

Use purpose: Residential / Indoor.

Care & Cleaning:  For ages, pure wool rugs have been companions to humankind, not only for their beauty, but also because they protect us from the cold and the heat, reduce the noise around us, and are easy to maintain. With your purchase you will receive a very complete Care & Cleaning Guide to ensure the long life of your rug.

Underlay: Always use a non-slip pad under handmade rugs. The non-slip pad is a mesh mat that is laid on the floor and simply placed underneath the rug without the need to stick it or sew it.

Since our products are fully handmade, color, design pattern and size may slightly vary from rug to rug. In all cases, they are thoroughly checked and only delivered to customers if our strict quality standards are met.

Why choosing one of our rugs?

We Use Pure Wool. Nothing compares to the visual exquisiteness, delicacy and softness of a pure wool rug. To achieve this, Elementos Argentinos has recruited experts who have researched the exact torsion level needed for each strand in order to keep the material’s balance between strength, resistance and soft texture, while avoiding the formation of neps (fiber knots), sprouts and shedding, so frequent in handcrafted textiles. Pure sheep wool is both an environmental friendly and fire proof material, and generates firm and resistant pieces designed to last many years with very little maintenance.

Everything is Completely Handmade. The wool is spun by spindle or distaff and is later washed and sun-dried. We color it using either natural pigments from native plants such as the creosote bush, the white carob tree or the jume plant or mineral dyes. We work with dyes that have UV filters and we also add dyeing fixers to the process to prevent loss of color over time or due to repeated exposure to light. Once the desired tone is reached, the wool is washed again to properly set the color. Only then may the woven process begin, where the use of different sized looms allow us to provide a wide range of products to our customers: anything from a grand rug for a hotel to small bedside pieces.  There are no machines involved in the process of production. Just the expert hands of our weavers that have been working with us for more than ten years.

We Believe in People. This is why we abide by Fair Trade guidelines and have agreements with NGO’s and co-ops that ensure that the more than 120 weavers of 12 Northern Argentine provinces that are part of our team receive fair payment, and see to the compliance of child labor prohibition laws. Also, we are constantly committed to selling at the lowest price possible to ensure product rotation and labor continuity for the craftsmen. Since late 2013 we’ve formed an alliance and a cultural and commercial partnership with the NGO Sumampa /Adobe Association, who -for fifteen years- has done an exceptional job of developing textile art recovery and social work in the province of Santiago del Estero.

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