In addition to the thousands of designs available to you at our stores, you also have the chance to design your very own rug online in just a few steps, and we’ll deliver it direct to your home. It’s so easy!

from the Monte
100% pure and natural sheep wool,
spun on a SPINDLE and woven by hand using a loom.
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Alfombras del Monte

Streaks of color, stylishly rustic, and exuding that handmade appeal.


Strong, untamed, plush, pure pleasure.


One marbled color, striped lengthwise, honeycomb and fine comb patterns, and square tiled designs.


Warp-faced, flat-woven weave.

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from the Andes
100% pure and natural sheep wool,
spun on a DISTAFF and woven by hand using a loom.
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Alfombras de los Andes

Harmonious colors, sophisticated and elegant, urban and contemporary.


Soft, durable, and dense, beckoning you to go barefoot, get up close, and feel the texture against your skin.


Solid colors, striped widthwise, borders, chevron patterns, and geometrical designs.


Weft-faced, flat-woven weave.

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    Colors may vary depending on the device used. Consult the Pantone TPX Color Guide for the most accurate representation.


    What is Elementos Argentinos?

    Elementos Argentinos is one of the most important companies of Argentina in the design and production of rugs made entirely by hand.

    How long has Elementos Argentinos been making rugs?

    Established in 2005, we have specialized in custom-built rugs and, for the past eleven years, have woven hundreds of rugs in every possible size and design.

    How can I learn more about the work of Elementos Argentinos?

    You can learn more by visiting the “rugs” section of this page. Another great source is the web page “press” section, considering that Elementos Argentinos’ products are frequently featured in decorating magazines and other Argentine specialized media, and have appeared in international publications such as ELLE Decor (France and Sweden), Apartment Therapy (US), AD Architectural Digest (Spain), Travel+Leisure (US) or Forbes Magazine (Online).

    Where can I buy Elementos Argentinos' rugs?

    You can buy them in Buenos Aires, the cosmopolitan and creative capital of Argentina, where we have two stores—one in Palermo Viejo, the city’s trendier neighborhood, and another in Recoleta, on Arenales street, the main interior design district. You can also purchase them online through the “Online Store” section of our website.

    What type of relationship does Elementos Argentinos form with the weavers?

    Since its creation, Elementos Argentinos has believed and bet on Fair Trade, always following its guidelines: the prohibition of child labor, fair wages to the weavers for their work and sales at the lowest price possible in order to ensure product rotation therefore enabling year-round work for the artisans –to name a few. We guarantee the compliance of these rules by working with weaver and artisan Co-Ops, and partnering with NGOs specialized in this field.

    Are you related to any NGO?

    Yes, since 2013 we have been general partners and formed a cultural and commercial partnership with the NGO Sumampa/Adobe Association, who -for fifteen years- has done an exceptional job of developing textile art recovery in the province of Santiago del Estero, through the creation of a school of hand weaving and hand spinning, a school of arts and crafts and a large variety of social and community work.

    How many weavers and artisans do you work with? Where are they located?

    Elementos Argentinos works with more than 120 weavers and artisans, who are located in twelve Argentine provinces: Salta, Jujuy, Santiago del Estero, Catamarca, Tucumán, Chaco, Formosa, Misiones, Santa Fe, Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Rio Negro.

    What materials are the rugs made of?

    All Elementos Argentinos’ rugs are woven with 100% natural pure sheep wool. We do not use polypropylene or other synthetic material. For this reason, our rugs are lavish, visually appealing, exceptionally smooth, and incredibly durable. Furthermore, pure sheep wool is a fireproof material, making it safe and stable.

    How are the rugs made?

    All Elementos Argentinos’ rugs are completely handmade using looms, no machines are used in the process.

    What is the difference between the ``Rugs from the Monte” and the ``Rugs from the Andes``?

    RUGS FROM THE MONTE. 100% pure and natural sheep wool, spun on a spindle and woven by hand using a loom. The look: streaks of color, stylishly rustic, and exuding that handmade appeal. The feel: strong, untamed, plush, pure pleasure. Array of designs: one marbled color, striped lengthwise, honeycomb and fine comb patterns, and square tiled designs. Loom technique used: warp-faced, flat-woven weave.

    RUGS FROM THE ANDES. 100% pure and natural sheep wool, spun on a distaff and woven by hand using a loom. The look: harmonious colors, sophisticated and elegant, urban and contemporary. The feel: soft, durable, and dense, beckoning you to go barefoot, get up close, and feel the texture against your skin. Array of designs: solid colors, striped widthwise, borders, zigzag or chevron patterns, and geometrical designs. Loom technique used: weft-faced, flat-woven weave.

    How is the dyeing process accomplished?

    Once spun, the wool is dyed by hand with mineral dyes and in some cases natural pigments from native plants such as the creosote bush, the white carob tree or the jume plant. We work with dyes that have UV filters and we also add dyeing fixers to the process to prevent loss of color over time or due to repeated exposure to light.

    Why are Elementos Argentinos’ rugs eco-friendly?

    Our rugs are eco-friendly because the wool with which we weave them is completely natural and biodegradable. Also, we always prioritize working with artisans and raw material of the same area to minimize the impact of the carbon footprint.

    Are Elementos Argentinos’ rugs resistant?

    To ensure our rugs last many years in good condition, we submit them to usage simulators and laboratory tests, from which we have developed a balanced yarn with a torque that retains the softness of the natural wool while simultaneously optimizing its resistant, providing greater durability.

    With minimal care, these pieces can last many years in excellent condition.

    How do you maintain and clean the rugs?

    The rugs are very simple to maintain but, like other home textiles, require some care. For more detailed information please visit the “Rugs: Care and Cleaning” section at the end of these FAQ’s.

    How do you calculate the ideal size for a living room rug?

    There is no such a thing as the “ideal” size for a rug. It will depend on the space available, but also on elements like the brightness of a room, the color of the floor or the style of the place.

    If you have a good-sized living room, our recommendation is that the rug is placed 8” below the main chair, trying to contain at least the front legs of other chairs or armchairs and, of course, the entire coffee table.

    If you have an extra-large space, then it is necessary for the rug to incorporate the entire living room set in order to divide it well into sectors. In this case, the freedom to choose colors and designs is at your disposal.

    In cases where you have a smaller space, we suggest the rug start at the edge of the couch, making sure it does not go under it (since this could shrink the space visually), and that clear and bright colors are used in the design (as long as the intended use of the rug and tones of the interior design allow it).

    The criteria are similar when choosing a rug for a dining room, a hallway or even a bedroom.

    What happens if I want a different size to those offered on the site?

    For special sizes and designs, please write to

    Will there be differences between the design I see on the website and the rug I receive?

    Being unique pieces, made entirely by hand, there may be slight differences in the tone of colors, the size or the design pattern. In any event, our rugs are thoroughly checked, and they are sent to the customer only if they meet the strict quality standards we have worked with over the past decade.

    How do I know if the colors I see on my screen are real?

    The various devices we use (laptops, home computers, phones, tablets, etc.) generate different colors of the same image. That’s why we compared each of the colors available to the Pantone® Textile TPX international guide. When selecting the color during the design process, its corresponding Pantone® code will appear next to its name.

    In order to be sure of the color you are about to choose for your rug, you may search it by code on the Pantone® Textile TPX guide or on the web (it won’t be as accurate as having an actual guide, but it will give you a more precise idea of that color)

    Pantone® is a recognized global authority on color, provider of color systems and leading technology for the selection and proper communication of colors for a wide variety of industries.

    Do you send color samples?

    Unlike what happens with industrial and machine made rugs, our rugs are made entirely by hand. For us, producing a color sample is like weaving a small rug and requires proportionally the same process as a large one. As this turns out to be operatively non-viable for us, we suggest to use the Pantone TPX Guide as a color reference.

    How soon can I expect my rug after ordering?

    The delivery time depends on the chosen size and texture: The Rugs from the Andes of 4 x 6 ft. or the 5 x 7 ft. ones take about 4 weeks and the 6 x 8 ft. ones take about 5 weeks.

    The Rugs from the Monte of 4 x 6 ft. and the 5 x 7 ft. ones take about 6 weeks and the 6 x 8 ft. ones take about 7 weeks.

    What are the delivery options?

    For international shipments we work with FedEx, since we’ve reached an agreement of special rates for our clients. For shipments within Argentina we use different transportation companies depending on the customer’s shipping location.

    Can I return my purchase?

    Unfortunately, since each piece is custom-made, all sales are final. We must mention, however, that we have not received a single complaint from customers who have purchased made to size rugs from us.

    How do I know if this shopping site is secure?

    To ensure the security of online transactions of this site, we have chosen two of the most recognized and prestigious companies in the world: MercadoPago for our Argentinean customers, and PayPal for our international clients.