Jun 25

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The Look: Streaks of color, stylishly rustic, and exuding that handmade appeal.

The Feel: Strong, untamed, plush, pure pleasure.

Use purpose: Residential / Indoor.

Loom technique: Warp-faced, flat-woven weave.

Underlay: Always use a non-slip pad under handmade rugs. The non-slip pad is a mesh mat that is laid on the floor and simply placed underneath the rug without the need to stick it or sew it.

Care & Cleaning:  For ages, pure wool rugs have been companions to humankind, not only for their beauty, but also because they protect us from the cold and the heat, reduce the noise around us, and are easy to maintain. With your purchase you will receive a very complete Care & Cleaning Guide to ensure the long life of your rug.

Since our products are fully handmade, color, design pattern and size may slightly vary from rug to rug. In all cases, they are thoroughly checked and only delivered to customers if our strict quality standards are met.

Why choosing one of our rugs?

QUALITY OF LIFE. Go barefoot, feel them up close against your skin and experience their softness. Pure wool adds warmth, tranquility and harmony to any project due to its superb acoustic and thermal insulation capabilities. In addition to its beauty, design, texture and color, a natural wool rug can offer so much more to any space.

PURE WOOL. With guidance from expert technicians from the INTI (National Institute of Industrial Technology), we have achieved a strong and durable wool that remains soft and plush, which allows us to create elegant, long-lasting, sophisticated and easy-to-clean rugs. We refrain from using polypropylene plastic, so our rugs are ecofriendly and fire resistant.

100% HANDMADE. We weave the wool using a loom or a distaff, and natural pigments or lead-free tints with UV filters are used for dyeing. We can make any design in the size, colors and dimensions desired because our rugs are woven entirely by hand, without the use of machines. The production process takes just a few weeks, and the end result is a piece of exceptional quality.

WE BELIEVE IN PEOPLE. Since 2005, we work with over 135 weavers from 12 different provinces, adhering to Fair Trade practices (guarantees fair pay). In 2013, we forged a partnership with the NGO Sumampa/Adobe Association, and since 2017 our rugs have the Argentine Good Design Hallmark granted by the Ministry of Production of Argentina.

WE ARE A CERTIFIED B™ CORPORATION. B Corporations are for-profit companies that meet the highest standards with regard to social and environmental performance, transparency and corporate responsibility, and harness the power of business to develop a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

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If you want to see other designs, or would like to try different color combinations for your rug, visit our Design your rug! section.