Sep 03

Manta de Oveja Bordada

The finest and purest sheep wool in natural colors, or tinted with mineral dyes, is used to create these soft yet sturdy and durable blankets that will bring quality of life, serenity and harmony to your home.

Llama & sheep wool are an excellent acoustic and thermal insulator, and in addition to being a sustainable material that is very easy to clean and care for, it is also safe as in the unfortunate event of catching fire, it will not burst into flames and will only smolder.

When you buy this throw you become a significant member of a project spanning more than 15 years and involving more than 360 weavers and artisans in the north of Argentina, always respecting the ancestral knowledge and wisdom of local communities and their traditions in a fair trade environment. Elementos Argentinos is a Certified B Corporation, which means that we comply with the highest social, environmental, transparency and corporate responsibility standards.