Sombreana - Elementos Argentinos
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USD $503,33

  • Pura lana de oveja 100% natural hilada con rueca.
  • Material ignífugo. Aislante acústico y térmico. Sustentable y eco amigable.
  • Colores con pigmentos vegetales ó tintes minerales sin plomo, y filtros UV.
  • Técnica de telar de tejido plano.
  • Densidad de 0,85 kilos de lana por m2.
  • Puede haber unión de paños.

Comprando esta alfombra participás de un proyecto que trabaja desde hace casi 20 años con más de 360 tejedoras y artesanos de Argentina respetando los conocimientos ancestrales de cada comunidad y en un marco de Comercio Justo.

Contamos con la Certificación Internacional como Empresa B™, lo que significa que cumplimos con los más altos estándares en términos de desempeño social y ambiental, transparencia y responsabilidad empresarial.

With your purchase you will receive full instructions on how to place, clean and maintain your rug in mint condition to enjoy it for many years to come.

Underlay. Always use a non-slip pad under handmade rugs. The non-slip pad is a mesh mat that is laid on the floor and simply placed underneath the rug without the need to stick it or sew it.

Vacuum your rug on a regular basis. It is very important for the vacuuming to be gentle and with no friction. Use the largest attachment tool on the vacuum hose and make sure that it doesn’t have any kind of brush.

Discoloration. Direct exposure to sunlight (or to any other intense light such as halogen bulbs) and/or extended periods of time can cause the textile to become discolored.

Stain removal. For detailed information about stain removal, we suggest to visit our Placing & Care section.

Dry clean only. If cleaning is necessary (over a period of time or as a result of stains), we suggest that you solely rely on rug specialists and dry cleaners experienced with and specialized in rugs.

Our rugs are entirely handmade and there may be slight variations in color, pattern details and measurements from piece to piece. All our rugs go through strict quality control processes before delivery to customers.